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Ho Do I Get a CVOR in Ontario?

February 14, 2023 Chris Harris, Your CVOR Guy
CVOR Podcast
Ho Do I Get a CVOR in Ontario?
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In this informative podcast, the topic of discussion is "How do I get a CVOR in Ontario?" Chris Harris, Safety Dawg, begins by defining what a CVOR is and its importance for those who operate commercial motor vehicles in Ontario. The podcast then delves into the process of obtaining a CVOR certificate, which is required for any commercial vehicle with a registered gross weight of more than 4,500 kilograms.

The host also explains that a CVOR is similar to a personal driver's license, in that violations committed while operating a CVOR vehicle can result in points being added to your CVOR. These violations, which can include more than just tickets, can affect your safety rating and even your insurance rates.

The podcast concludes by emphasizing the importance of a CVOR for anyone who operates commercial motor vehicles in Ontario and provides valuable insights into how to obtain one. Listeners will come away from this episode with a clear understanding of what a CVOR is, why it's important, and how to obtain it in Ontario.

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Chris Harris, Safety Dawg 1:

How do I get a CVOR in Ontario? Getting your CVOR in Ontario is as easy as 1, 2, 3. But first, let us start with. What is a CVOR? CVOR Ontario stands for or Commercial Vehicle Operator registration. The Highway Traffic Act Transportation tells us that if you use a truck for commercial purposes and the registered gross weight is more than 4,500 kilograms, you will require a CVOR. In other words, if you or your company are going to operate commercial motor vehicles, you need a CVOR certificate. Your CVOR is similar to your personal driver's license. If you get convicted of a Highway traffic act violation while driving your car, you get points. Your CVOR is similar in that you, while you are operating your CVOR vehicle or your drivers. And they commit a violation, they can get points, and I use the word violation because violations are not always tickets. So you don't have to get a ticket in order to get points on your CVOR, but you do need to commit a violation. Your safety rating can be affected in many ways, and most insurance companies require you to submit your level two c v. And that report to them, and this can all affect your insurance rates. Who needs a commercial vehicle Operator's registration or a c r certificate or set it? If I set it in another way? What are commercial vehicles? So the definition of a commercial motor vehicle. The Highway Traffic Act tells us that trucks use for commercial purposes with a gross weight or an actual gross weight of more than 4,500 kilograms need a CVOR certificate. And remember I said use for commercial purposes, and by that I mean carrying commercial. So that's the commercial purpose in this part. Please remember that if your pickup truck is towing a trailer carrying commercial cargo and the pickup truck and the trailer have a combined weight of more than 4,500 kg, you are also a commercial vehicle. Buses with a seating capacity of 10 or more passengers. You're gonna need a cvor and tow trucks regardless of weight or the registered gross weight. All of you, all tow trucks require a commercial vehicle operators registration or a cvor pickup. Trucks and trailers are complicated subjects by the way. You can actually, for personal use, get up to 6,500 kg. And not need a CVOR. So remember that if it's personal use, you can go up to 6,500 kg. There's more details in another video. Suppose your vehicle is plated in Ontario the United States or Mexico. If it's a commercial vehicle, then you're going to need a C V O R or your bus with 10 passengers or more. If you're plated in Ontario, United States, or Mexico, you're going to need a CV R. And same goes for your tow truck. So I said it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, while now that you understand if you need a CVOR, how do you get it? One. Complete your CVOR application. Two, pay the fee to the Ministry of Transportation. Three. Pass the test. So let's go through that a little bit. Completing your CVOR application form is not a complicated process. The easiest way to do it is to complete it online, and I put a link to the online application in the show notes down. This is the quickest way to achieve your goal. You can apply online if you are incorporated, or if you are an individual or sole proprietor. If you are a partnership, you cannot apply online, so only incorporated companies or individuals can apply online. The first step is to decide what kind of company you will. Your commercial motor vehicles under, whether it's incorporated individual partnership, always speak to a lawyer and perhaps your accountant. So your professionals they can help you decide what is appropriate for your situation. So there is basically three types of companies, incorporated partnerships and individual sole proprie. speak to somebody that knows your personal situation. They can best advise you as to what to form. And again, I suggest that's probably a lawyer or an accountant that can best advise you and your personal situation. So once you've decided what type of company you are going to, You gotta, you've got to gather all the documents together, so if you are applying as an individual, you're gonna need your Ontario driver's license. If you are from another province or from other country and don't have a license, then you are going to need your passport. Perhaps a Ontario photo card, Canadian permanent Resident Card with signature Canadian citizenship. If it was issued before February the first of 2012, or Canadian birth certificate or proof of birth document issued by the US jurisdiction, you may also have to complete a consent and authorization form. And again, I put a link in the show note down below. Lastly, you'll need to think about these questions. What is your estimated fleet size for the coming? and what type of business are you going to operate type of business? Could be landscape tractor trailer work, tow truck operation, that type of thing. Corporate application. You will need your Ontario driver's license number for each corporate officer or a copy of their driver's license if it's from else. If the corporate officer doesn't have a driver's license, then you'll need to provide one of the following, an Ontario photo card, a Canadian permanent resident card with signature Canadian citizenship card with a photo if that was issued before February the first of 2012, or Canadian birth certificate or birth document issued by a US jurisdiction. You'll also need all of the corporate history documents, which these could be articles of incorporation or the incorporation document that your province, or territory or state gave to you. Articles of amalgamation or equal articles, of amendment, or equal or a master business license or equivalent doing business. Or the DBA certificate for US operators. And again, you might have to complete your consent and authorization form. Lastly, think about your answers to the same questions. What's your estimated fleet size gonna be and what type of business are you operating for? A joint or general partnership, you'll have a little more work to do. There is a maximum of two. Yes, just two partner. And for two partners, you must complete three, three applications. One for each partner and one for the joint or general partnership. So you must complete all three and then either mail the them to the CVOR office or fax them into the mto. And again, I put a link in the show notes for the joint general and joint partner. Application down below, you're gonna need your proof of insurance. You must provide proof of liability insurance coverage in Ontario under the compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, any accident. Insurance benefits are also required to be reported once you've got all the documents.. Once you have all these documents have been gathered together and signed, it's time to fill out the CBR certificate application online or on the downloaded document. Once you've completed your application, submit your application and you'll have to pay the fee. And the fee currently is $255. The ministry will then review your application. If it's approved, they're gonna send you the CVOR test letter. They will send you the test letter in the, in your choice of communication. For you. I would urge you to choose email that is absolutely the quickest way to communicate. Do that., and again, you apply. You pay the fee. Once approved, then you go, got to go write the test letter, and the test letters gonna be sent to you via email or Canada Post by the method that you chose. This is how to get your CVOR, so that's it. That's how to get your c. How to get started with your CVOR, whether you have a tractor trailer, cube van, tow truck pickup, truck hauling, commercial goods it's all about the actual weight or the gross weight. If you're over 4,500 KG carrying commercial goods, then you're going to need to see if you are. Why do you need a CVOR? The reason the government came up with the CVOR system is to make our roads safer. If you need some. I am not the government. I am a solo entrepreneur, so you can email me or call me. I will return your inquiry as promptly as possible, often within the same business day, but sometimes it's gonna get into the next business day. As I said, I'm a solo guy. If I'm out working with my clients, I don't answer the call, so just leave me a message or send me an. and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. If you need a CVOR certificate plan or if you plan to operate commercial vehicles, you will need a CV R certificate. And as I said, it could be a pickup truck with a registered gross suite of more than 4,500 KG carrying commercial stuff. You're going to need it. It could be a single tow truck. It could be a bus that carries 10 or more passengers with a seating capacity, yes. Of 10 or more. So that could include landscapers, electrician, handyman, last mile delivery operators, airport shuttle operators. There's a lot of people who need a CVOR. If you need it, I can. the easiest way to get your CVOR. And to prepare for the practice test, I've put a link down below. Sorry to prepare for your test. I've put a link in the show notes for my practice test that's going to help you an awful lot. If you need help with the practice test, I've written it six times and. What I've put into the CVOR test prep bundle, click on the link below. It's got more than a hundred practice questions with the right answers by the way. And you can rewrite my practice test as often as you need to so that when you go to the MTO or to the Drive test center to write their test, you are confident. So with that, I put a couple links in the show notes down below. Thank you very much. This is Chris, Safety Dawg, and I'm outta here.