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September 02, 2022 Chris Harris, Your CVOR Guy Season 1 Episode 10
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CVOR test book. What are we talking about here? Look at this baby. All 284 pages of this book. This is what you need to be studying. If you're going to write the CVOR test now, do you have to study all 284 pages? take it from me. The MTO has said, no, you do not have to study all 284 pages. You do have to study five of the chapters, just five, but five of the chapters. And how do I know that is true. I've written the CVOR test for you six times. Yes. Six times. So let's get into which chapters are important and what you can do to prepare yourself to go write the CVOR test. This is the CVOR test book video, which chapters are the most important here. We have chapter four is all about the CVOR requirements. How to do the written test. What's included the CVOR application, how the whole CVOR system works here in Ontario. that's really what chapter four is all about CVOR requirements. It's everything that you need to know about CVOR and going to write. Test. So that's chapter four, the next chapter that's really important. Chapter five and chapter five is all of the Ontario specific requirements such, such as speed limiters. So read chapter five. There's not a lot to it, but it's really important. chapter seven is huge because this is your safety programs, your record keeping and your driver files. Yes. MTO demands that you have a safety program that you keep proper records well documented. And there are very specific items that have to be in your driver file. And that's all covered in this chapter. If you need more help, by the way. There are more videos. There's even a couple of courses that I've created to help you, get to where you need to be with your C company. CVOR test book chapter eight is really important. Chapter eight is all about preventative maintenance. The record keeping that goes with that and what needs to be kept in a vehicle file. So chapter eight in the CVOR test book is really important. It's all about preventative maintenance record keeping and vehicle files. Chapter nine is hours of service. Whether you need to have an E L D or whether you need to keep paper logs, you need to understand the hours of service requirements, how to track them. And by the way, the law says that you must monitor your drivers compliance with the regulations. That means you've gotta do audits, whether it's ELDs or whether you're on paper logs, you gotta do audits. So you need to understand the hours of service and you need be to be able to track and monitor your driver's compliance with the, regulation. So chapter nine is hugely important and that's really it. Those five chapters are hugely important. If you need help, I have the. CVOR practice test. And if you want an awesome value, there's a link below to the CVOR practice test bundle that right now is hugely discounted. So click on that link right down below. I can help you get your CVOR. Get your CVOR company up and running. Get you, policies, procedures, make sure your driver files are all correct. All right. So this has been the CVOR test book, video Safety Dawg is out.